The Market is Not on Your Side

The Market is revered.  I’m talking about The Market, with a capital T and capital M. It can’t be beaten so don’t try. It can’t be forecasted or predicted. It cannot be tamed.   Am I talking about The Market for stocks? The Market for bonds?  For houses, tulips, interest rates?   Yes.  All of the above.   The Read more about The Market is Not on Your Side[…]

Fortnite has Shown Us the Future

The most interesting thing I saw SuperBowl weekend had nothing to do with football.  It was something I saw while my son was playing Fortnite with two of his friends.  Saturday afternoon the game hosted a live, in-game virtual concert by famous DJ Marshmello.  According to at least one report, there were over 10 million Read more about Fortnite has Shown Us the Future[…]

The Best Stock Trade I Ever Made

I fell in love with the stock market when I was in college. I became president of my university’s investment club and also decided to start investing the small amount of money I had personally. One stock I analyzed had a solid business with great numbers.  Its dividend was high but well covered by earnings Read more about The Best Stock Trade I Ever Made[…]

Vanderbilt and the Greatest Corner Never Told

“He was to finance what Shakespeare was to poetry and Michelangelo to art.” Financier and Statesman Russell Sage said these words of Cornelius Vanderbilt after the Commodore laid his enemies low with a brilliant double corner of Harlem and Hudson Rail stocks.  The ploy not only made him a small fortune, but also control of Read more about Vanderbilt and the Greatest Corner Never Told[…]

Most Men Should Take Social Security Benefits ASAP

When should you take social security benefits? It is one of the most common questions people ask me when they are getting ready to retire.  There have been innumerable posts written about when you should take benefits. None of the ones I saw seemed very robust.  So, I decided I needed to hit the Excel Read more about Most Men Should Take Social Security Benefits ASAP[…]

What’s Wrong With Warren Buffett?

What’s Wrong with Warren Buffett? Its that time of year again when the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway releases his famous letter to shareholders.  It always comes out to great fanfare, as most of the investment world holds him up on a pedestal.  He is unique in that he is not only considered the greatest investor Read more about What’s Wrong With Warren Buffett?[…]