Donald Trump and the Foreign Policy Dice Game

Any investor trying to play a Trump agenda investment strategy is setting themselves up for trouble.  The hard reality is that no one really knows what parts of Trump’s campaign policy will actually get accomplished.  Since being elected, he has already dialed back much of his tough campaign talk, and other items on the agenda[…]

Will Artificial Intelligence End the Human World?

The terminators from Skynet, the agents of the Matrix, the Decepticons…Hollywood has done a good job portraying artificial intelligence (AI) as an existential threat to the human race.  The scary thing is that this idea may not be purely science fiction.  In fact, many leading technologists today seem to share the concern that at some[…]

How One Man Ignited the Protests in the Middle East, by Igniting Himself

Self-Immolation.  That’s the term used to describe the grisly act of dousing oneself in accelerant and lighting a match.  Many people hear the news about Egypt’s uprising and now Libya’s civil war (more like civil skirmish) but few really know that the spark that ignited the protests, which are toppling long-standing dictator regimes, was lit by[…]