Weekend Reading Links 10/6/17

I cannot believe its October already.  For me that means youth hockey season, Cubs playoffs, and teaching.  This post is out late because of a volleyball tournament today.  The parenting gig is a demanding one. 

I did read some interesting things this week in between the madness and wanted to share those.  Let me know what I missed!


This guy, Elon @elonmusk, is at it again.  This time he is negotiating with the governor of Puerto Rico, over Twitter, on rebuilding the island’s energy infrastructure – Elon Musk Could Help Puerto Rico  


I will be honest, I still don’t fully understand the solution to the ‘Monty Hall Problem’.  Check out the clip below from the movie ‘21’ with Kevin Spacey. 



If are not totally sure where the additional 33.33% odds come from switching doors, you are not alone.  When the “world’s smartest woman” responded to this problem in a column and said your odds go up to 66.7% by switching, nearly everyone jumped on her. – The Time Everyone ‘Corrected’ the World’s Smartest Woman.

*seriously though – what if the problem was changed to say instead of ‘do you want to keep your door or switch’, you had to simply choose again, from one of the remaining two doors?  Help me out people.


Interesting to find out which group of Americans are doing the best at saving. – Millennial Parents are Out Saving All Other Generations


Nick Szabo (@nickszabo4) is one of the pioneers of blockchain technology.  This is a pretty in depth write-up on why Bitcoin is gaining popularity – Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability


More Morgan Housel (@morganhousel).  I hate to share the same people week after week, but if you’re not reading Morgan’s stuff, you really should.  This is another good one. – The Four Fundamental Skills of All Investing


Tom Ley at Deadspin about the ESPN – Cycle partnership agreement.  – ESPN Enters Incomprehensible Partnership with Incomprehensible Media Company


Nathan Fabaer at NewFound Research, with a good article explaining how getting a little tactical can show benefts – Addressing Low Return Forecasts in Retirement with Tactical Allocation


Lawrence Hamtil (@lhamtil) of Fortune Financial does some market myth busting – A Few Myths Regarding the Dollar and Domestic Stocks