Weekend Reading Links 10/13/17

Weekend Reading Links 10/13/17


Well it has been another fun and busy week.  I was constantly in motion doing a lot of writing, client calls, and kid events (nothing quite beats 3rd grade poetry night… a lot of reciting Shel Silverstein.  I was sorry when the kid who picked Tennyson was not able to make it!).  All that adds up to a little less time reading so I have a shorter list of links this week.


Also, I need to get this out quickly as the weekend is just as packed.  I am super excited to meet my niece for the first time, and of course we will be spending a lot of time at the ice rink.  I need to find some time to grade papers and prep for next week’s class in there somewhere to.  Never a dull moment!


Have a great weekend and let me know if you’ve read anything interesting!



In finance nerd circles, the big news was the announcement of Richard Thaler (@R_Thaler) winning the Nobel Prize in economics.  I read his book, Nudge early in my career and it was incredibly eye-opening.  This Bloomberg article does a good job of summarizes the importance of his work – The Economist who Realized How Crazy We Are


I also love this cameo of his with Selena Gomez in the movie The Big Short 



I’ve linked to his work in the past, and this is another very insightful piece.  Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) of Pension Partners puts out more consistent great stuff than just about anybody.  Here is his take on gold.  Gold – What is it Good For


My own take on gold is similar if a little less elegant and pragmatic. – Gold Revisted 


This is a good write up on the current state of tax reform from a new site called Money Maverick by someone I only know as Kyle (@Kylet___).  I will be looking forward to reading future posts but this was a great kick-off.  The Tax Hike Democrats Hate


This next link was an uncomfortable read in some respects.  It talks about the very real dangers of burn-out.  It hit a little too close to home and was a great reminder for me to continue to monitor my commitments.  I’ve been there several times in my life where I feel like every decision I made was disappointing someone and I was just going through the endless motions of demand.  If you are a regular reader here then chances are you’re a pretty ambitious person as well; and you could use a reminder that sometimes you need to slow down a little. – Minds Turned to Ash


This was a cool piece about how nature can sometimes surprise us.  It’s about the coywolf, which is part coyote and part wolf, and unlike many cross breeds, this one seems to have all the best parts of each.  Fascinating stuff – Greater Than the Sum of its Parts


Finally, I have to share this awesome remake of the Game of Thrones theme.  There has been some good ones, but I would watch this remake in a heartbeat!

Game of Thrones




That’s all for this week!