Weekend Reading Links 1/14/2017

This weekend reading links is a short list.  I’ve been gathering some material for a future post, and I still have my retirement planning post coming out soon.  In the meantime, take a moment and read some interesting stuff.


Mr. Gates goes to Africa – and gives reason for optimism on the continent.


Tony Robbins on money and the art of gratitude in being wealthy.  “Abundance is a mindset, not a dollar amount”

Here’s an excellent post from the always good Farnham Street.  Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot is a book I read many years ago and I credit it for helping jump start my process of self-learning.  This post does a great job of pulling out some of the important concepts, although I would still highly recommend reading the book.  It’s one that I plan to revisit sometime soon.


Great article from Bloomberg on the real culprit behind the massive under preparation America has in retirement.  I wrote a similar piece in response to a video clip of John Oliver bashing the 401k apparatus.  While he is not wrong, the 401k machine is not the main problem.


Finally, what should you do when the Dow Jones (finally) hits $20,000?  This article from Forbes does a good job of explaining some things to think about.  I say, why wait until Dow 20,000?  Some of these things are good practices to engage in on an annual basis. Continuing on the gratitude theme here is a quote from the author: “Gifting highly appreciated securities may be a good way to support your favorite charity while receiving a higher tax benefit in the process”

If you don’t have a favorite charity you like to support, I can name a few that are highly deserving.


That’s all for now.  I have to get my house cleaned up for a birthday party.  Then its writing emails, reading research, grading papers, and I still need to get 4 miles of running in before the end of Sunday.


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Have a great weekend.