Weekend Reading Links 11/17/17

Weekend Reading Links 11/17/17

Happy weekend and welcome to a late edition of the reading links.  It was an exceptional week this week with a lot going on.  I spent a lot of time grading finals and attending kid events which did not leave much room for reading and writing.  There are some other exciting developments under works as well, but those will be discussed over the next few weeks.  So stay tuned and here are the stories that got my attention this week!


One of my very first investing idols was David Swenson, the CIO of the Yale endowment and author of the single greatest investment book I’ve ever read (yeah, I said it) Pioneering Portfolio Management.  He is voicing his concern about this market being potentially over heated. – Yale’s Swenson Says Low Market Volatility Profoundly Troubling


Have you heard the news out of Africa? – Link from Reuters – Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, Coup Chief Meet with Smiles and Handshakes


It’s been a bad week for oil companies.  First up, the world’s largest single pot of investible money on the planet is mulling the idea of completely divesting from fossil fuels. – Norway Idea to Exit Oil Stocks is ‘Shot Heard Around the World’

Then of course, the event TransCanada definitely did not want to hear. The opponents of Keystone XL are jumping all over this.  – Keystone Oil Pipeline Leaks in South Dakota as Nebraska Weighs XL


This is an excellent blog post from Nick Maggulli (@DollarsAndData) about how easy overconfidence can affect you, including a graphic that every investor needs to observe and acknowledge throughout their career.  The lesson is – the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. – A Little Knowledge is Dangerous


Elon and Tesla had a big announcement this past week.  Some people were not completely enthusiastic about it. – Elon Musk Breathlessly Introduces Two New Products That He Will Inevitably Fail to Produce


That’s all for this week.  Thanks for reading and let me know what you think


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