A Personal Note on 9-11-11

On a day like today, aptly called Patriots Day, its important to remember and acknowledge those we consider true Patriots. I love, and want to thank, all the firefighters, police officers, nurses, and teachers out there, in addition to the soldiers past and present that make this country great. My friends who fall into these categories are too many to name, but I want to thank all of you for doing the work you do.

I also remember one of the finest people and the greatest patriots I had the honor of calling my friend, Jason Ritter. A man who exemplified American greatness.  His leadership and selfless drive to make everyone around him better is what this country is all about.  Jason, your memory drives me to continue to want to be a better person, and strengthens my faith in America.

A day like today makes it easy to be optimistic about the future of this great country.  It shows what our American spirit is capable of in the face of what seems like insurmountable hardship.  We can all come together as a nation; as brothers, friends and countrymen, and put aside our idealogical differences in order to rise together.  God Bless all of you on this humble day.

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