Weekend Reading Links 10/13/17

Weekend Reading Links 10/13/17   Well it has been another fun and busy week.  I was constantly in motion doing a lot of writing, client calls, and kid events (nothing quite beats 3rd grade poetry night… a lot of reciting Shel Silverstein.  I was sorry when the kid who picked Tennyson was not able to Read more about Weekend Reading Links 10/13/17[…]

Weekend Reading Links 12/30/16

It has been a truly memorable year with plenty of surprises.  I am personally looking forward to 2017, and excited at what it has to offer.  I just finished reading the Walter Isaacsson Ben Franklin biography and I have to recommend it to anyone who either has an interest in American history or just would Read more about Weekend Reading Links 12/30/16[…]


Currently Reading: Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst by Robert M. Sapolsky

Best For: Dedicated readers who have an interest in neuro-science.  This 700 page beast gets into the gritty basics of what cause people to act the way they do.  Basic brain function, hormones (surprise! Testosterone does not cause aggression.   And, estrogen is actually a cocktail of several different hormones… who knew!?), and sensory function. […]