A Personal Note on 9-11-11

On a day like today, aptly called Patriots Day, its important to remember and acknowledge those we consider true Patriots. I love, and want to thank, all the firefighters, police officers, nurses, and teachers out there, in addition to the soldiers past and present that make this country great. My friends who fall into these Read more about A Personal Note on 9-11-11[…]

A Profile of Leadership

Throughout my “quest for knowledge”, I have read a number of books on the topic of leadership.  I have read great works by some of the acknowledged experts in the field like John Maxwell, Jack Welch, and Noel Tichy.  While these books do an excellent job at providing helpful insights on ways to improve as a leader, they cannot compare to the example set by a man whom I have the privilege of calling my dear friend.

What these books try to convey is that leaders are not born, but made.  Through hard work, and with the helpful hints of these guides, (only $19.99 on sale now!) you too can be a great leader.  The truth of the matter is that some people are born with a natural ability to bring people together and work for a common cause.  I have seen no clearer and more powerful example than the one set by Jason Ritter; a social studies teacher at Legend High School in Parker, Colorado, and also my former Resident Assistant (RA) in Henniger Hall at Western Illinois University.

What’s funny is that the job of RA at any mostly freshman, […]