Weekend Reading Links 12/3/16

Here are links to some of the best stories I’ve read this week.  Spend some time at your favorite coffee shop this weekend and get caught up on the world.


Artificial Intelligence:

A quick hitter on where we are on the Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse timeline.



Speaking of Artificial Intelligence if you want to really get into some cool forecasting for what AI has to offer from one of the foremost experts on the subject, check out Super Intelligence by Nick Bostrom.



Justin Fox on how we went from Peak Oil (supply) to Peak Oil Demand in less than a decade (link here).  hat tip to Abnormal Returns on the link to this one.



Jake from the EconomPic blog with a forecast on what a 60/40 stocks/bonds portfolio may provide in returns for the foreseeable future.  Spoiler alert, it ain’t much. (link here)

Case in point; the world’s largest pool of investable funds, the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth fund, is planning to add to it’s stock allocation to try to boost returns.  As an aside, the fund’s head, Yngve Slyngstad, is one of the most underrated people in the investment world.  Do you even know how to pronounce that name?  See… and he is responsible for the investment of over $700 billion in assets.



Ian Bremmer goes “Around the World in 60 seconds”.



How to jazz up your style with some simple tweaks.  Courtesy of the Effortless Gent blog.



Speaking of Norway, Magnus Carlsen has cemented his place as the greatest chess champion of all time.  By the way, he just turned 26.


I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.  Please like and share if you find this post helpful, and as always, let me know what else you want to know about.