Weekend Reading Links 1/27/17

Links 1/27 It’s hard to believe that January is almost over.  I hope you are still on top of your resolutions.  Remember, that if you can make it 30 days, your odds of success goes up dramatically.  Hang in there, and enjoy some weekend reading. To Start: Amazon has got something for you Star Trek Read more about Weekend Reading Links 1/27/17[…]

Here’s How Much You Should Have Saved For Retirement

Have you ever wondered if you have enough saved up for retirement at this point in your life?  If so you are not alone.  In fact, after I was asked again recently “Right now I have xxx in my 401k.  How do you think I’m doing?” I went to go look up some of the Read more about Here’s How Much You Should Have Saved For Retirement[…]

What is Really Killing Your Retirement?

I have heard a lot of talk about this John Oliver clip and finally just got around to watching it.  I have seen this most often on Twitter, most often accompanied by a headline such as, “John Oliver eviscerates the retirement industry” or the even more dangerous “Oliver tells you why your 401k is ripping you Read more about What is Really Killing Your Retirement?[…]