Incredible Investors Should Leave Their CAPE at Home

One of my favorite investment writers, and now also podcaster, is Meb Faber.  He always has great insights backed up by lots of data.  However, one of the things that I disagree with him on is the usefulness of CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings) as a valuation metric.  His latest post on the subject (link Read more about Incredible Investors Should Leave Their CAPE at Home[…]

Playing with Buckets – The Current Market in Context

“So Keith, should I buy stocks now or is the market going lower?” “What should I invest in if the stock market is going to go down further?  I heard it could drop another 20%.” “My brother-in-law said that gold is going to skyrocket this year.  He sold out of stocks back in November.  He said we Read more about Playing with Buckets – The Current Market in Context[…]

The Mass of Markets

I am not here to pick any fights this week. Nor to tell my readers how all the more famous investors and economists of the world are getting it wrong (they must be doing something right since they are famous, and I am not quite so much).  Instead I want to focus on some interesting statistics about markets and economies that can help frame a perspective about markets. The size of different markets, along with the size of different market participants, is something that is little talked about in the main stream investment mediums. This is what I am calling the Mass of Markets, and in some future post may be so brave as to try and detail these relationships; but first, a primer. […]