Playing with Buckets – The Current Market in Context

“So Keith, should I buy stocks now or is the market going lower?” “What should I invest in if the stock market is going to go down further?  I heard it could drop another 20%.” “My brother-in-law said that gold is going to skyrocket this year.  He sold out of stocks back in November.  He said we Read more about Playing with Buckets – The Current Market in Context[…]

Investing 101 – The Five Best Books for Beginning Investors

It was once said to me that if you read five books on any given topic, you will know more than 95% of the population on that topic.  I am not sure where that statistic comes from or if there is any accuracy to the claim, but I like it either way.  However, with so many options out there to choose from, how do you determine where to get good relevant information.  […]