Follow up to the Defense of Actively Managed Mutual Funds

First of all, I was thrilled to see a very thorough response to my story from Jeff Ptak.  I admittedly have not read a lot of his stuff outside of recent twitter postings, but I certainly will from now on.  To catch everyone up who may just be tuning in:

Ben Carlson posted an article on his great blog, A Wealth of Common Sense, using data published by Jeff.  Its titled “Uncle Sam Loves Active Mutual Funds” and can be found here.

I took some issue with a few of the assumptions made on the study, so I wrote a rebuttal, which can be found here.

Jeff then wrote an excellent defense of his methods and assumptions in a follow up, found here.

I only have a few things to continue this discussion.  First of all, Jeff is right in that he and I are not […]