The Single Best Investment For Beginners

Being in the money management profession, here is a conversation that I have on a not-infrequent basis.

Friend – “Keith, what is the best investment I can make right now?”

Me – “Books”

Friend – “What, like or Barnes & Noble stock or something?

Me – “No, like the books you read.”

Friend (now with confused look on face) – “Books on investing?”

Me – “If that’s what your interested in, sure.” […]

It’s Back! 168 Hours

The Kraken does not die. It merely sleeps for long periods of time. And, after a long slumber indeed, it has resurfaced again to offer insight and wisdom to the masses. But why? Why now? and what does this Kraken have to offer? I will get to those questions shortly, but first, lets further complicate the matter.

168 hours.

That’s how much time we have in one week. That’s all the hours between Monday and Sunday, and it is never enough to get done everything we want to get done. I read an interesting article that broke down the use of these hours. You sleep for 49 (most of us less), work for 50 (some more, some less), get from here to there for 10 or so. How do you use the remaining 59 hours? Do you have kids? Take 10 hours for getting them ready and ushering them around. Want to be healthier? Find 5 – 10 hours to get in the gym. Spend quality time with the family? Take another 5 – 10 hours there. Prepping and eating meals is another 5 – 10. There are still a few hours left, but where did they go? Doesn’t it seem like they just evaporate? […]