Debt and Deficit – A Misguided Debate

Being that it has been a very long time since my last post, I felt it appropriate to pick a fight.  This time I am calling out both Democrats and Republicans for their apparent lack of even a modest amount of economic training.  Unfortunately, members of both parties have little time, due to their full-time job of fund raising, in addition to their part-time job of fighting with the other side, to fully verse themselves on economic realities.  Therefore, we see congressmen and congresswomen on the campaign trail pulling out sound-bites, statistics, and headlines that fit into their political party platform.  Often this is to disastrous effects.  See, the benefit of being an independent is that you have the ability to call out both parties without feeling like you are compromising any underlying loyalties.  I try very hard not to get political, but at times, I suppose, its necessary. […]